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What are 3D Hair Strokes ?

3D Hair Strokes

3D Hair Strokes/ Microblading  is a relatively new beauty trend. However people have been utilizing cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent makeup for Decades! This technique is  done with a manual handtool or machine. It is considered to be semi-permanent with the manual handtool.  You can make it a permanent tattoo by receiving Ombre brows.

I recommend Touch ups at least once a year to keep brows fresh!

This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are a natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present.

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss will benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows.  We can address -Full brows that need a little more

-Barely there brows

-Cuts/old piercing's where hair doesn't grow anymore 

-Color , Shape change from previous Tattoo

Wake up to Brows instead of drawing them on ! 

The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if hair is still present blend perfectly into them...

The results are a natural, flawless, fuller looking brow. Initially the brows will appear darker, but fade slightly over a two week period.

No Pain , topical numbing cream is applied to numb treatment area.

The results can last anywhere up to 2+ years  depending on different skin types & factors of the procedure. However, a touch up once a year is recommended to retain the shape and saturation of pigment for any permanent cosmetic procedure.

70% of clients only need one session, but everyone's skin holds pigment differently. A second session is needed. This only applies to the manual handtool method. (additional charges).

We advise all clients to read and fully understand these terms and conditions prior to making an appointment.


Any Permanent/ Semi- permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing where pigment is placed in the 1st dermal/ epidermal layer of the tissue. Retention of the pigment is out of our control, as it is determined by the patients skin type, how well they follow after- care procedures, as well as their immune system, therefore no specific result can be 100% guaranteed.


As a general rule and as explained, the patient should expect to book a maintenance appointment every 10-11 months. With that said, some factors will affect fading more quickly for some versus others. These factors include, but are not limited to the following:

Not taking proper care of procedure area after treatment.

Sunbathing or using sunbeds.

Using Retinol A creams, or any other products, that contain AHA's, Glycolic or Vitamin A. Certain skin treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Certain skin conditions and or excessively dry/ oily skin types.

Specific medications which  known to cause increased fading.

Excessive use of Alcohol.

Swimming in chlorinated pools.